Friday, December 10, 2010

Forest Stewardship Coached Planning Program in Riverside WA

In short, this is a priceless education for $75. I took this course a few years ago, and I highly recommend it for anyone who cares for a land parcel with trees. In the 2-month course you'll write a complete forest stewardship plan. Our plan qualified us for much lower property taxes, and thousands in funding from USDA and DNR. You can read more about that here on the Small Forest Timber Owner Blog.

WSU Extension Forestry will offer the course in Riverside in 2011. Classes meet once a week starting January 25, 2011. Here's their description:

This 8-session practical, hands-on course will help forest landowners prepare their own forest stewardship plan with guidance and coaching from natural resource professionals.

Open to all, this program is designed to help forest landowners develop customized management solutions to meet their own unique objectives. Whether you own 5, 50, or 500 acres of forest, if you want to expand your knowledge and gain confidence for managing your forest, this course is for you!

Why should I attend?

• To learn about keeping your forest healthy and productive for generations to come.

• To learn how to identify and implement practical steps to meet your individual ownership objectives.

• To write a plan that may qualify your forestland for property tax reduction.


Emily Burt
Extension Educator
@: emburt (a)
tel: (509) 775-5235 x1114

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