Monday, November 29, 2010

Ice coating protects evergreen seedlings from freezing

Ice-protected Young Red Alder Seedlings, and Sprayers
Ice-covered seedlings in WA nursery
 I enjoyed these surreal photos of seedlings covered with ice.

For 34 hours in late November 2010, cold temperatures descended on Washington state's lowest elevations. At times it dropped to 13F.

Sweeping sprinklers gently showered acres of tender seedlings coating and recoating them with water that froze in layers of protection.

Crews worked day and night to keep sprinklers form freezing. They continued until 1:30 AM November 24th. Two shifts of crews did the continuous 24-hour job.

More backstory:

Icing protects trees at Webster Forest Nursery

and a great photo gallery:

Flickr gallery

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