Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rancher's Plan to Stop Pine Beetles

At the Cleantech Open I usually focus on the energy-related contestants. But this semifinalist's story in Planet Profit Report caught my eye today for another reason.

DenDroCo has a molecule that disables a beetle's sense of smell. Without smell, the beetle can't follow others to mass-attack a weak pine tree. Without mass attacks, the beetles can't kill trees.

The emotion Ray Prill expresses at the loss of his trees hits very close to home for us. He almost chokes up in his interview.

Here's a rancher who stepped out of his element, found a discarded discovery from the 1980s, helped get the researcher a grant, and is now in the limelight and writing a business plan. We wish him luck.

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  1. This (DenDroCo's product) is exciting! The beetle problem has me very worried.

    I am posting mostly to say "thanks" for this blog. I just read the whole thing. Last year I bought a 20 acre timber parcel in Eastern Washington, near Spokane. I have been focussed for the past year on getting our house built, but it is time now to focus on the forest. Your blog has been informative and inspirational.


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