Monday, September 6, 2010

NRCS to inspect our 2010 forest thinning work this week

After 3 solid days of skidding, we're finally down to the last few logs to remove from the 4 acres in this year's plan.

We've worked every weekend lately to finish thinning and decking. A crew is coming in to prune trees, and another outfit will bring in a loader and trucks to take away the logs. There are probably about 60 tons of logs waiting to be loaded out.

All of that needs to happen before the rains come. And the rains are coming. It's starting to rain as I write this. When it rains for a few days, everything, especially roads, gets dangerously slick and stay that way until it snows. Then it's impassible.

Two of the acres we thinned this year are within view of the house site, and along the uphill side of a level road. That was fairly easy work, although we paid extra attention to the impact on our view.

The other two acres are on the north property line, on a very steep slope. This is a remote area where we're doing additional thinning to create a fire break along a ridgetop.

The extra logging, steep slope, and lack of road made this a very difficult piece of land to log. Several of the logs were 200-300 feet from the winch point. I had to pull about 300 lbs of cable up the slope to each log. It was very slow work -- but the world's best thigh workout.

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