Monday, June 21, 2010

Solstice weekend work mostly rained out

This is the wettest spring I can remember in 9 years of working this property. In the past 2 weeks we've had rain storms that reversed all the drying we've had. Even the rocked roads get slick and tricky to drive, especially down the canyon. The clay logging roads and trails get too soft to operate on.

They dry up in a day or two of no rain. Saturday we got some logs yarded out of the woods near our north line, which is on a ridge. We worked until 6, it being still very bright out. Around the Summer Solstice it's light until nearly 10:00. Unfortunately it was too chilly to dine outdoors, something we typically enjoy doing this time of year.

Then that night it rained steadily, and continued drizzling through lunch on Sunday. I got some indoor projects done -- repairing the plumbing in the RV we call the "instant cabin," checking the water in our solar power battery bank, and taking photos of a generator we later sold on Craigslist. (We're in the market for a solid-running 5kW diesel genset, if you know of one.)

When it cleared up, we pulled noxious weeds along the lower part of the shared road. I wish other people would tend to their own weeds, as we do with ours. Knapweed blooms down there, and the seeds travel onto everyone's properties in the mud in our tire treads. The only way to control invasive species like this on our property is to slow them down at the source.

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