Thursday, August 13, 2009

Logging winch blade purchase

Today we bought a new tool for our small-scale logging operation: a Farmi logger winch blade for our tractor.

The blade is like a small dozer blade, but without the tilt and angle controls. Inside the blade is a PTO winch with 165 feet of wire rope.

The whole thing mounts on the three-point hitch of our Kubota tractor. The tractor's PTO drives the winch to pull logs to the tractor.

The blade sits on the ground during winching, to keep the tension from pulling the tractor backward.

Once the log is yarded up to the blade, we raise the 3-point to lift butt of the the log(s) off the ground, so they'll skid without tearing up the ground or roads. The blade keeps the log from banging against the back of the tractor.

We bought it used from two brothers in Kent. We found them on Craigslist by posting a "wanted" ad.

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