Tuesday, July 21, 2015

AirBnB-Like Service for Land Owners and Users

This new company contacted me today. Is your tree farm a potential money-making venue? Completing their survey enables others to find your property when they need natural space, kind of like when travelers book spare rooms through AirBnB.com.

Here's how Nature Partners describes their new owner-user-matching service:

Nature Partners is building a new online marketplace, similar to Airbnb,* to help land owners diversify usage of their properties and increase their revenue potential, while also helping individuals and business owners discover new locations to launch scalable concepts, events, festivals, retreats and more. By shifting how underutilized and often-times distressed assets are used including ski areas, summer camps, private ranches, reservations, farms, parks, etc., we can strengthen these properties and create new places for people and business to engage.Later this year, our database will become a public resource used to both market and explore land in our network. Owners and operators will be able to explore opportunities in the marketplace while remaining in full control of what they pursue.
This is a link to the online Nature Partners landowner survey.

* (Nature Partners has no connection to the actual AirBnB service.)

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