Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Question about the Upper Wenatchee Community Lands Plan

Have you completed the survey for the Upper Wenatchee Community Lands Plan? Do it by June 15, 2015.

An online survey may be completed through Monday, June 15, 2015. Please encourage others to do the same:

The survey is only one of the tools that will be used to study community values, existing and potential future land uses, and strategies for implementation, in a time when large tracts of private forest land have changed hands. Property neighboring ours has been acquired by Weyerhaeuser and within months it was marked for harvest.

So I'm involved, and I hope you will join me. The Steering Committee will meet on June 24th, and for updates about future opportunities for discussion in your sub area, check the Chelan County Natural Resources website, .

County Commissioner Keith Goehner discusses forest concerns with
members of the local community at a meeting in Dryden. More
meetings are planned.
Today Chelan County, the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust, and the Trust for Public Lands and a large group of citizens celebrated achievement of a major goal of the Stemilt Partnership. That process started 8 years ago in the Stemilt and Squilchuck basins. It brought together diverse interests in the community, studied the values of the land for people, wildlife, recreation and development, and followed through with implementation. The Stemilt Partnership has worked tirelessly to adhere to the Partnership vision, and has secured millions of dollars in public and private funding. The Stemilt plan and the highly successful Wenatchee Foothills Community Strategy are models for the effort we are doing in the Upper Wenatchee. Please join us to make the Upper Wenatchee Community Lands Plan a similar success.

For more information contact:

Mickey Fleming
Lands Project Manager
Chelan-Douglas Land Trust
Tel: 509-667-9708

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