Thursday, December 18, 2014

Forest Assessment Course for Real Estate Professionals

Washington State University North Puget Sound Extension Forestry is offering a new program called Forest Assessment for Real Estate Professionals. 

This course is aligned with the info program for forest land buyers that I proposed in this blog in 2009. (And note my earlier post about lower insurance premiums for responsible landowners, which is also part of that proposal.)

The 4-session class starts 1/20/15; the fee is $135 if registered before 1/5/15 and $160 thereafter. 

Course description from WSU:
The class is designed to provide real estate brokers and appraisers with forestry knowledge to assist their clients in the buying and selling of wooded properties. You will learn to assess properties for tree health, wildlife issues, invasive species issues, restoration needs, wildfire risks, and potential recreational and income opportunities.

This class will help you:

  • Learn to recognize forest conditions that could set your buyers up for future costs and headaches.
  • Learn to spot opportunities for your buyers to enjoy high-quality woodland settings and even produce income.
  • Explore how to turn forest features into compelling selling points.
  • Learn how to help your clients avoid costly mistakes and benefit from tax savings with Current Use programs

This class is approved by the Department of Licensing to provide 15 clock hours towards continuing education requirements for either real estate licensees (Course #C9428) or appraisers (Course #AP3343). 

The class will be held at the WSU Snohomish County Extension building: 600 128th St SE, Everett, WA 98208. The class includes four, Tuesday sessions from 3:30 PM – 7:00 PM, on January 20th and 27th, and February 3rd and 24, 2015. There will be a field trip on Friday February 6th from 9 AM -12 PM.

There is a 15% discount if two people from the same office sign up together, and a 30% discount if three or more from the same office sign up together.

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