Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DNR Cost Share Program for Forest Stewardship Plans 2014-2015

Get $500 to $2,800 from DNR to Help Pay for a Forest Stewardship Plan.

I received the cost-sharing rates for DNR-subsidized Forest Stewardship Plans through next summer. We took advantage of this program and recommend it to small forest owners in Eastern Washington.

A Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) is a prerequisite for other programs that can save you money or even save your home and forest. We had to show our FSP when we applied for EQIP and when we had our property placed in the Forest class for significantly lower property taxes. Having one written for you is an educational process, to boot.

New Forest Stewardship Plans, prepared by a private sector natural resource professional acceptable to DNR, are reimbursed at 50% of actual cost, not to exceed the amounts shown below.  Replacement of an existing plan which is older than 10 years is considered a "new" plan.

Revision of existing plans (less than 10 years old) is  also cost-shared at  50%, however, the maximum cost-share amount is less for a revised  plan than for a new plan. 

The following are not eligible for cost-sharing: Plans on properties with less than 20 forested acres; plans prepared by persons with an ownership interest in the property, plans resulting from Forest Stewardship Coached Planning Short Courses, plans prepared by public employees; plans completed prior to approval of application; plans not meeting written Forest Stewardship Plan Guidelines; and plans prepared for ineligible ownerships.

Acreage covered in plan New Plan Revised Plan
Less than 20 acres No cost share No cost share
FSP-1: 20- 100 acres -- 50% not to exceed $  900 per plan $ 500 per plan
FSP-2: 101- 250 acres – 50% not to exceed $1100  per plan $ 800 per plan
FSP-3: 251- 500 acres – 50% not to exceed $1500  per plan $1000 per plan
FSP-4: 501 – 1000 acres – 50% not to exceed $2000  per plan $1300 per plan
FSP-5: 1001+ acres – 50% not to exceed $2800  per plan $1600 per plan

These rates are effective for applications approved during the period October 1, 2014 through September 30, 2015. Contact the DNR stewardship forester nearest you for details and eligibility requirements. Your starting point is Ken Bevis, WA DNR, Ellensburg, WA.  Cell:  (360) 489-4802.  Desk:  (509) 925-0962.

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