Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wildfire Fuel Reduction and Precision Tree Felling Workshop

Learn all about removing small diameter trees from dense stands. Workshop in Leavenworth WA on April 24-26, 2014.

I've taken a precision felling workshop from Ken Lallemont and he is a very good teacher. I'm signed up for this year's workshop coming up at the end of this month outside Leavenworth WA. I recommend it if you're planning to improve your woods yourself, as we have.

Few things are more frustrating than watching one after another skinny tree hang in the leave trees around it. Shove, bounce, buck it down, domino, or go fetch some rigging. There's no way around the fact that your day just got longer.

Precision Felling Workshop participant examines his stump after dropping a difficult alder. (Photos are from a 2013 workshop)
This workshop is about dealing with those small trees in a dense stand. It's a two-day workshop with the majority of the time in the woods with your saw. The hands-on practice, camaraderie, fresh air, and Ken's sawyer tricks all make it an experience you'll remember.

The optional third day is training specific to blowdown, problem trees, bucking, and removing limbs under pressure. All three days will take place at the Tierra Learning Center. The workshop runs 9 to 5 each day. Register in advance; the fee depends on how many days you attend.

(Blog post after the class)

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