Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pacific Northwest Trees and the Role They Play - radio series

As a "tree guy" I've been enjoying a week-long series of KUOW radio segments about trees in the Northwest and the role they play in our lives. Sarah Waller's reporting helps listeners understand more about trees and forestry.

A nurse log on Vancouver Island. Photo by Larissa Sayer.

Go to a pretty good, short slide show that accompanies the series.

Over half of Washington state is covered in forest. That's nearly 2 billion trees — about 250 for every person living here. Let's just say my wife and I have more than our per-capita share. Yet I've learned a thing or two from the programs.

This search link should give you a list of the segments once they've aired.

Here's a link to the first in the series, "More than a Tree," also titled "An Unlikely Hero."

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