Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring, time to start logging again

It was a very pleasant weekend, the first time we've spent outside in shirt sleeves. The ground is just starting to firm up enough to operate machinery off the rocked roads.

It was nice to work on the property when the pine grass is greening up, bushes budding, sun shining. We skidded logs and piled slash both days, and enjoyed a small slash-pile bonfire Saturday night with our neighbors.

It's time to start logging again. Our goal this summer is to thin 3-5 more acres out of our 20. The minimum this year will be 3 for our NRCS EQIP contract, and we have a few acres left on our DNR FLEP matching grant for thinning and slash abatement. Both programs have been a considerable financial help to us in accomplishing what we need to do on our land.

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