Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring 2010 damage assessment & wildflower report

The snow is gone (mostly). We finally made it up to the property last weekend to do our spring damage assessment and to open up the cabin (RV).

(Photo: False Hellebore sprouts are coming up in the usual, damp, shady spots. Actual height is less than 12".)

Our cants have developed some black mildew-like spots, and that concerns us. We're researching what we need to treat them with -- and how. It's possible we'll have to submerge each of 120 cants (20 to 40 feet long) in a purpose-built vat of chemicals. The handling, time and chemical issues aren't appealing, but neither is permanent damage to our building materials.

We had surprisingly few broken trees this winter. It was a mild winter without a lot of heavy snowfall. It's good that the leave trees have had an extra season to strengthen their root systems. Years of over-protection from wind by an overgrown stand typically results in a lot of snags after thinning.

The forest is open and visible this time of year. With no leaves on the brush, we can see logs we missed last year. There will be some unplanned skidding to do, as soon as the ground dries up. It's still very moist, which makes it a good time to repair some of our access roads and let them solidify before they take heavy use.

It's also a good time of year to appreciate the beauty of the place. The grass is sprouting green. Tiny wildflowers are coming up, and the balsam is just putting out buds on the sunniest south-facing open slopes.

(Image: Life springs eternal. Wildflowers emerge from the duff and plant debris laid flat by 2-3 feet of snow.)

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