Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Volunteer weekend on the logging operation

Friends came out to help with work this weekend. It's invaluable to have extra hands on jobs like skidding and decking logs. Even with just one other person, the work seems to flow faster and get done more smoothly than when Linda and I are working as a pair.

John skids logs into the landing area, while Mara waits to pile slash.

John and I worked on hooking, winching and skidding logs out of the woods to the landing. Linda and Mara processed incoming logs -- Linda limbed and bucked; Mara measured for the buck, and then piled the slash. Then I decked the logs and headed back to the woods, where John had the next turn of logs ready to winch out.

John unhooks his logs from the tractor.

Thanks for your help! You're welcome back any time.

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