Thursday, June 25, 2009

Portable sawmill work to begin next week

I'm very excited to say that the on-site milling of our building logs is scheduled to begin next week. It's supposed to take a week or maybe two.


We cut our 120 Douglas Fir house logs last summer, from our 20 acres. The logs are all about 10" d. at the small end, and run as long as 60 feet. They'll be milled into 7x7 inch "cants," which are basically square beams ranging from 10' to 25' long. Those will be stacked to dry and, in some later year (2012?), we'll build a house with them.


I italicize scheduled because this work is an imprecise business at best. We had to find a sawyer with the right equipment (which we did). The sawyer has to get his mill on site (it's here) and tuned up (almost done). The log truck needs to load the logs and park them beside the mill for easy transfer. And there needs to be someone, in addition to yours truly, who can support the sawyer by loading logs onto the mill and stacking cants after they're milled, using a front loader with log forks.


If I forget to post photos, someone remind me. This should be interesting!



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