Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Advanced Forest Stewardship Series starts next week

Spring is here, the snow has receded from most of our property (still plenty of mud, though) and it's time to start work again. This weekend we get to pull the tarps off the equipment, fix a flat on the tractor, and oil up the chainsaws. The trees are safe for a little while longer.


Last summer we cut many trees, most notably 120 large fir trees we'll use for building a house. This summer we tackle the heavily overstocked stands to reduce the risk of fire and infestation.


That's why I'm excited to be taking another course in forest stewardship from WSU Extension. This one builds on the 2007 "Coached Planning" course we took. The "Advanced Forest Stewardship" course runs from April into June, with weekly classroom lectures and 2 field trips.


We completed our Forest Land Stewardship Plan a few years ago and got it signed off by the WA Department of Natural Resources. The plan was a prerequisite for grant funds we received from DNR. The "Coached Planning" course helped us better understand the detail behind each part of the plan. The "Advanced" course will deepen our knowledge of forest practices.


Here's the syllabus for the advanced course:


Apr. 13 Introduction and Review (Kevin Zobrist, WSU)

Introduction to Forest Inventory (Zobrist)

Apr 18 Field Day #1 (Zobrist/Keller)

Apr. 20 LMS Lab 1 (Zobrist)

Apr 27 Advanced Silviculture and Hardwood Management (Zobrist)

May 4 Forest Finance (Zobrist)

Log markets/grades/sorts (Will Miller, Miller Shingle)

May 11 LMS Lab 2

May 18 Logging equipment and Forest Roads (Frank Greulich, UW College of

Forest Resources)

May 25 LMS Lab 3 (Zobrist)

June 1 Federal Timber Taxes (Chuck Lorenz, IRS - retired)

State Timber Taxes (Chris Westwood, DOR)

June 8 Managing a Timber Sale (John Keller, DNR; Ron Munro, Consultant)

June (TBD) Field Day #2 (TBD)


Program Coordinator: Kevin Zobrist 425-357-6017 or kzobrist@wsu.edu


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