Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Photos from do-it-yourself logging operation

Here's my helper holding one end of the tape while I measure a 50-foot house log. We have to keep an inventory so we know when to stop cutting down our big trees. This is our house log deck, where we keep the prime-quality logs for building. Other decks, for firewood and pine logs, aren't so neatly stacked.

This is a hillside where we've cut trees and now are in the process of yarding them out of the forest. The near end of the 120' cable is attached to a 4WD tractor on a road. The other end is attached to the log that is pointing at the camera. Other logs are staged here to be bundled and skidded to the deck.

In the background are many acres of trees yet to be thinned. You can see the leaning firs, indicating root system instability -- usually a form of butt rot, which travels from fir to fir. We have 3 major pockets of laminated root rot, which is unfortunate. The only remedy is to cut all fir in the pockets, then replant with pine. In our case, each pocket will become part of a fire/fuel break to help protect our home.

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